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Tesla details updated Model 3

Tesla has at long last unveiled details of the Model 3 refresh known as “Highland”. Photos and information went live on the automaker’s European website this evening.

The new Model 3 features several refinements and updates, including :

  • Redesigned exterior for maximum aerodynamics
  • Increased range (629km on LR trim)
  • Upgraded wheels
  • Brand new interior, with wrap around design and light strip
  • New 8” touchscre...

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Now With Moving Pictures

Hi everyone! So I’m happy to let you know that I have started a Red Escape Youtube channel. Why does a blog need a Youtube Channel? Good question. I’m actually looking to cover some other interests – streaming video and the occasional video game – in a more visual format. Hope you’ll check it out.


RedEscape Channel on YouTube
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Adobe MAX 2015 Round-Up

Apple has already shown off their new toys. Google was quick to follow. Microsoft went next. Now it’s Adobe’s turn, as Adobe MAX 2015 kicked off this week and brought with it a slew of product announcements and updates.

Adam at FStoppers has written a much more detailed look into Adobe’s announcements, which is well worth a read, but I wanted to hit a few high notes here.

Mobile – and more specifically the integration of mobile into your established workfl...

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Pardon the mess

Welcome to Red Escape. This is a playground for designers. A place to discuss trends and thoughts. A place of inspiration that was born out of a need to nurture creativity without the need of profits or clients. A safe house for when the world drives us mad. That is Red Escape, and as any designer can see it’s still very new (less than 2 hours at this posting). So this is a journey we shall take together – growing, evolving, designing the site as we go. Thanks for coming a...

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