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Saturday, April 2, 2016 - 6:57 PM

Hello Beautiful

Written by Matt Maurer
As anyone with electricity knows, Tesla unveiled the long awaited Model 3 this week. Even though you can argue that infrastructure isn’t in place, or range is limited, cost too high, etc., Tesla has done a wonderful job at hitting each of these points head-on. Superchargers and charging locations are rapidly expanding. Tesla has designed some truly awesome vehicles that compete with traditional automakers finest. Now, they’ve gotten aggressive on price. As I write this, the number I read was 232,000 preorders. That’s low for an iPhone, but crazy high for an electric car, even one that only costs $35k. I read a tweet that suggested Tesla had eclipsed ALL electric car sales in the entire year of 2015 in less than 24 hours with the Model 3. That’s pretty impressive. The specs are great – supercharger capable. Autopilot capable, 0-60 in under 6 seconds, futuristic design, 215 mile range. I didn’t preorder yet, but this is the first electric vehicle that feels like it’s for everybody. This is the iPhone 3GS of electric cars; and I can’t wait to see the ramp up in sales and where Tesla goes from here. I have no doubt this will be a watershed moment in the development of electric vehicles. My only complaint – what the hell happened to the interior? Seriously, where did it go? It looks like Elon pulled the monitor off his desk and VESA mounted it to an empty dashboard. I’m really hoping this isn’t final, but everything else looks amazing.


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